Flash Firmware/Debrand

How to flash firmware/debrand using SE Tool

1. Shutdown phone, reinsert battery
2. Open SE Tool, choose w580 in phone type and click Read GDFS
3. Connect phone holding C button
4. Release the C button when phone is detected
5. Wait for sometime and when SETool says “Elapsed:XX secs”, unplug the phone and reinsert battery
6. Download the Main Firmware here
7. Copy the Main Firmware to qamaker folder. It is included in the SETool archive
8. Now, Drag and Drop the Main Firmware to qamaker.exe and it will generate a quick access patch file (.vkp)
9. Open SE Tool again, select phone type,in Files box, add the Main Firmware you’ve downloaded
10.In Misc Files, click button next to E and select the .vkp file you’ve created using qamaker
11.Check Bypass DB2020 security and click FLASH
12.Reinsert battery and connect pressing the C button
13.Wait for a few minutes and a dialog box will appear “NO to Apply and YES to remove”
14.Click NO to patch
15.Wait till it says “Elapsed:XX secs” and you are done

After doing this, you can apply other patch like changing the graphic of battery and others, radio without headset, increase the capacity of sms storage and much much more



  1. i just gonna try it and can u send more info on it.
    can we unlock the phone for free.using patching.if so.how?

  2. hi, i have a question,i am using w660i, can i do Flash Firmware/Debrand it using the software and method above? thanks

  3. how to download w580i phone flash

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